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We develop software for empowering organizations to manage & make sense out of massive amounts of disparate data

Since its inception, Essential had the aim of building software solutions to support large organizations to manage huge disparate data through their multiple systems so they could identify fraud, reduce waste and see from a visual perspective, what they could do in all possible situations.

Our information management platform – Intema - is collecting disparate data in the organization using innovative and proprietary approaches. Using a revolutionary extension, Visual Analyst, data can be analyzed from a newer perspective. Beyond these, we truly empowered the term of fuzzy search by developing X-Search, probably the world’s fastest search solution.


  • Visual Analyst

    „Order through data” – risk analysis and fraud detection always require looking at the facts from different perspectives and this is where Visual Analyst comes to scene by offering to analysts an edge over the traditional reports.

  • X-Search

    „Next Level of Enterprise Search” - data and content within any organization grows exponentially, therefore you find yourself in the position of searching for solutions designed to increase productivity of your employees in managing data and finding the answers they need within reach.

  • Intema

    Intelligence Management – the effective creation of the institutional memory in an organization, both technically and economically, is a comprehensive process which can be implemented in order to support the institution and the people working within that organization.

  • Inovio

    „Empower activity management” – is the fastest registration system, offering comprehensive modules and advanced built-in functions.

Visual Analyst presents the information as a graph of interconnected nodes based on data from different sources and enables the user to perform complex visual analyses, to calculate social network analysis specific metrics (e.g. betweenness, closeness). This proves so useful when applied to large volumes of information in certain environments, to create entity network from big data collections, to calculate complex indicators like the level of interaction between different entities, the level of presence of these relationships within the analyzed structure, the level of superposition between different attributes. In this way, the result is visually adapting the presentation (color, shape, size, transparency etc.) of the nodes and edges based on all these metrics and to perform timeline and GIS analyses.


  • High volume of data can be analyzed graphically
  • Different sources of data analyzed by the same system
  • Visualization beyond a simple and static report
  • Calculating complex social network analysis metrics


  • Data import – understanding your data and types of entities in the database, users can easily define rules for import and the system is showing the relation between them.
  • Graph visualization – every type of entity has a specific colour and graphical shape. There are marked the relations between entities, same way how they were defined in the informational model.
  • Working with attributes – it’s possible to choose the type of information used for describing every joint and for that there are available many options.
  • Working with Social Network Analyze metrics SNA – applying different metrics it’s possible in order to identify scope of analyze. Very important is the “joint” and close relations with him. All values for SNA metrics may be induced by transforming all values for attributes of joints – opacity and dimension of the joint is influenced by the calculation of specific metrics.
  • Working with SNA metrics – algorithm for ordering the graph – for organizing the graph in a more clear way may be applied different algorithms.
  • Working with SNA metrics – clustering – identifying resemblance between entities or unknown possible relationships will realize by applying clustering algorithm. This cluster is visible at any time. Every joint can store all the data from the database for instance organizer, used means, groups who are participating etc.

Case study



  • Visual Analyst for Telecommunication - Telecommunication companies receive a vast amount of data from various sources. Data is electronically captured in OLTP system and is further processed to data warehouses. This data is usually appreciated from a quantitative view limits the quick and easy identification of irregularities, patterns, trends and relationships from within the data. The facts are identified by aggregations.

    The main objective of Visual Analyst is to offer to such big data pools a possibility to understand and analyze different patterns which might be interested for different situation such correlation between people and their data exchange in the network.

    Visual exploration of data enables an end user to easily understand trends and data flow through different people or networks.

    This is a true to the dictum that a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Profile adoption and propagation of new services, and choose the best variables for the most accurate results.

    Understand complex social relationships among millions of entities, identify influential relationships among them, and develop a more accurate view of how entities actually use a service in the context of their social groups.

    Quickly identify issues and opportunities (e.g., for new products and services) so you can act before problems escalate, or before windows of opportunity close.

  • Visual Analyst for Insurance - Insurers are struggling to differentiate themselves from the competition by better understanding their customers and using that insight to improve the customer experience, which will boost customer loyalty.

    Faced with rising acquisition costs and decreasing retention rates, insurers must understand customers well enough to recognize changes in their behaviour and preferences, and quickly determine the next best offer.

    Another way insurers are seeking to differentiate themselves is by improving the claims life cycle, which leads to more competitive pricing. Too often, however, profitable opportunities are left buried within mountains of data that may hold the answer to questions like: Which claims have the greater propensity for recovery? What factors are indicative of fraudulent behaviour? How should rates be set to ensure profitability?

    Data – big data, in particular – represents a double-edged sword for insurers, promising valuable insight on the one hand, and huge challenges on the other. And yet, carriers are limiting this type of insurance to low-mileage drivers due to technology constraints that prevent them from storing such large data volumes and analyzing them promptly.

    Visual Analyst is able to manage all these challenges and help the insurers to build a smart approach by using visual reports.

  • Visual Analyst for Banking - While the banking industry has long been data-intensive, the industry’s use of analytics has really only scratched the surface. That’s partly because analytic tools have traditionally been the domain of highly technical users who are often isolated in specific departments or business units.

    But wider use of analytics holds great promise for helping banks improve decision making, uncover hidden opportunities, manage risk and comply with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

    Take, for example, a bank’s need to enhance customer relationships across channels and lines of business, while balancing pricing decisions in the context of lifetime value, revenue growth and profitability. First, the bank must get to know its customers better – understanding their needs and preferences and personalizing interactions. That kind of insight is hidden in data. Then there are the hundreds of regulatory reports that must be filed. Yet the process of integrating the data to answer the precise questions from regulators are a constant struggle, and delayed responses put banks at risk of greater scrutiny, regulatory fines, etc.

    While data holds the answers too many of a bank’s woes, it’s also one of the causes. There’s a plethora of data that’s hard to access, understand and use. What banks need is a way for business users to visually explore data to spot trends, patterns and hidden insights that they can use to design a strategy, confirm a hypothesis or identify a new idea.

    Using Visual Analyst, financial institutions of any size – large, multinational firms down to small community banks – can get lightning-fast insights through visual data exploration, robust reporting and flexible information sharing.

The institutional memory can be „translated” in terms of information systems through a series of modules of a complex system that effectively communicate with one another. Intema is such an intelligence management system with the ability to address the integration with 3rd party systems through proprietary and standard data exchange formats such as XBRL and the specific business processes, risk analysis needs, information search and presentation requirements an organization might have. Intema is based on a dynamic, user-configurable data model, where the information is structured by means of interconnected entities.

Customer Benefits

  • Audit and historical search
  • Centralized analysis
  • Contextual information preview


  • Configurable search and list fields
  • Segregation of access to information based on user roles
  • Configurable forms, constraints and business rules

Case study


Inovio provides cutting edge registration forms and processes, suitable for any organization. Inovio save time and space, increases security and eliminates the risks of human error or fake documents. It includes all modules required for employee management, incident management, person and company management, rewarding procedures, advanced multimedia design and play-back on various panels, complete logs and audits of all activities. Inovio is very easy to extend and to cover additional needs of a service dedicated company.


  • Comply with legislation
  • Customer loyalty system
  • Office integration
  • External hardware integration


  • Activity management from different perspectives
  • Visual relationship management
  • Security audit

Case study

Public institutions

Private services companies


Inovio for Beauty&SPA – the ideal solution for Beauty and Spa Centers that offers a complete control for all of the activities, reducing considerably the time which is allocated for management and control activities.

Inovio for Beauty&SPA is the right tool for electronic business management, ensuring a maximum information workflow security and a significant decrease of the volumes of work and time that are allocated for management activities.

Inovio for Beauty&SPA is a desktop solution that enables the easily management the following aspects:

  • Customers situation, including financial analysis for each customer, customer relation management
  • Schedules and provided services
  • Stock management
  • Employees management
  • Income and revenues for the entire business
  • Reporting system that enables managers to be permanently connected to the business situation

Inovio for Access Control - the ideal solution for big companies or public institutions that register significant flows of people and vehicles. Through this solution there can be managed all of the aspects regarding persons and vehicle access, substantially improving control of this field so critical for maintaining a high level of institutional security.

Inovio for Access Control is the right tool for managing control access activities, ensuring a maximum information workflow security and a significant decrease of the volumes of work and time that are allocated for control and analysis activities in this domain.

Inovio for Access Control is a desktop solution that enables the easily management the following aspects:

  • Persons and vehicles entries
  • Registered incidents
  • Persons and vehicles management
  • Access Cards
  • The possibility for adding relevant information in the system, such as: notes, messages, descriptions and photos/ videos (regarding incidents)
  • Reporting system that ensures a quick view of the access related records in the company’s/ institution’s locations, following specific criteria selected by the persons entitled to manage security related activities.


Regular day-to-day users of our solutions

  • Visual Analyst
  • X-Search
  • Intema
  • Inovio


Advanced IT Competences

  • C++, C#, Objective C
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP. Net
  • LINQ
  • WPF, WCF
  • SQL: SQL Server, ORACLE


Business processes implemented

  • Report templates for the insurance industry
  • Report templates according to Solvency II Directive
  • Immigration forms
  • Call-center ticket management
  • Product order
  • Reservation management
  • People registry
  • Cost optimization
  • Claim management


Industries with Extensive Expertise

  • Insurance
  • Online Solutions
  • Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospitality & Entertainment