What we do

We believe a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore we help you Visualize your Business.

Numbers give quantification to different measures related to information around us. However, it is important for one to observe the dynamics behind these numbers - the changes that occur, the evolution, the correlations, the dependencies, the oscillations of different factors in order to interpret them according to the business specifics.

We have always supported our customers and partners by delivering specialised and high quality services in implementation of applications, solutions and technologies.

We are continuously investing in human resources by expanding their knowledge and expertise areas as well as finding best practices in each field. We pay extreme attention to the quality of services delivered by developing clear processes and methodologies. Our services are continuously improved with each completed project.

Our key services are:


We have complete solutions for people registration (enrollment) using innovative technologies in order to prevent fraud and errors.

These can be used to secure the entry at events, institutions or even to collect data about the persons for further processing. The process starts with each new person showing at the registration desk, followed by the optional steps of entering his personal details (either manual or scanned automatically from an ID such as a passport or national ID card), taking his photo (ensuring ICAO compliance if needed), scanning his fingerprints, scanning his finger veins and acquiring his signature, all using specialized devices. All these personal and biometric data can be used to search the person in predefined databases, such as a blacklist, using specific technologies for face recognition, name fuzzy search, fingerprint identification and finger vein identification in order to prevent unauthorized access, fraud or duplication.


We analyze and learn your business, we bring our own experience and we execute in order to deliver astonishing infographics which enable you to obtain a great insight of your business from different perspectives and help you leverage the information available in your company at the level where you can make immediate decisions.


Our involvement in various projects has given us the opportunity to perform extensive analysis of user behavior, being able now to fluently optimize the interaction between the user and the application based on existing technological capabilities.

The outcome of Essential’s Application Design Services is a visual prototype of the proposed application that covers all aspects of a functional solution: usability, ergonomics, efficiency, and maximum simplicity. Our design usually follows a precise set of rules that enable the final customer to have the „look and feel” of the entire application even before it is completed. A consistent design mixed with a comprehensive set of rules represents a solid foundation for any project.


Our skilled developers and engineers are available for your projects, and can be involved in any stage: design, planning, development, implementation, monitoring, control and technical assistance phases.

We have extensive experience in Microsoft technologies (.Net Framework, C#, SQL Server).

More details on our products commercially available can be found here


We offer consulting services for network architecture and administration, management of advanced servers infrastructure, design of high-availability systems, clusters and virtual environments, dedicated software systems, information and knowledge management, document management and systems security.

Our specialists are ready to start working on identifying the best approach that perfectly fits on your company’s goals, business processes, technology status and human resources. Essential specialized consulting team is available anytime and you can rely on receiving the best services money can buy.


Regular day-to-day users of our solutions

  • Visual Analyst
  • X-Search
  • Intema
  • Inovio


Advanced IT Competences

  • C++, C#, Objective C
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP. Net
  • LINQ
  • WPF, WCF
  • SQL: SQL Server, ORACLE


Business processes implemented

  • Report templates for the insurance industry
  • Report templates according to Solvency II Directive
  • Immigration forms
  • Call-center ticket management
  • Product order
  • Reservation management
  • People registry
  • Cost optimization
  • Claim management


Industries with Extensive Expertise

  • Insurance
  • Online Solutions
  • Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospitality & Entertainment