Getting hired

How to get ready for an interview @Essential: Our culture is important to us, so we're careful in making sure that the match is on both sides. We want to learn about who you really are. We promise if you bring your real self, we'll do the same. And we want you to succeed. That's why we've written about the technical side of our interviews in these posts.

Few set of rules:

  • no mandatory tie: we don’t believe in “formal”. Rather, we want to know YOU
  • be creative: we’re daily focused on creativity work. Express YOUr creativity
  • be innovative: an important characteristic of our company. YOU are our future innovative colleague
  • be part of: we’d like to see commitment from the first chat. Show us YOU know what we do
  • be honest: this is one of our company foundations. Show us YOU are the same

Hit the open positions

Here at Essential, we will help you get on track with supportive activities and all the necessary means so you can get the team feeling as soon as possible. If you share the same vision as us, we hope you'll browse our open positions to see what might be a good fit with your interests and skill set. Happy searching!

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Send us your work

We are always open to innovation so, don’t hesitate to send us your ideas. Most creative ideas will be promoted together with your nomination for an open position. Be as much as possible detailed in explaining your idea or project and we will give all necessary support to take it to reality. Your dreams are becoming reality together with us. Just fill in the fields below and check the status of your project on our platform.

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Do you have already an application which will fit our development direction? Did you develop something innovative which is related to information management, visual complex analysis or Fuzzy Search? You have the idea and the solution but not the necessary means to grow it? Essential is the right place, we support initiative and innovation. Just fill in the fields below and we will contact you.

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Regular day-to-day users of our solutions

  • Visual Analyst
  • X-Search
  • Intema
  • Inovio


Advanced IT Competences

  • C++, C#, Objective C
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP. Net
  • LINQ
  • WPF, WCF
  • SQL: SQL Server, ORACLE


Business processes implemented

  • Report templates for the insurance industry
  • Report templates according to Solvency II Directive
  • Immigration forms
  • Call-center ticket management
  • Product order
  • Reservation management
  • People registry
  • Cost optimization
  • Claim management


Industries with Extensive Expertise

  • Insurance
  • Online Solutions
  • Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospitality & Entertainment