Essential Technologies

Is a group of companies specialized in providing IT Services and Information Management Systems, currently involved in strategic partnerships with some of the most influent technology leaders in IT, like IBM and Microsoft.

Established in 2004

Essential Technologies has made itself known by providing high quality services and solutions and also by its outstanding evolution, as the company has grown every year by more than 50%.

The team members

Are open minded and the company encourages them to express freely, to exchange and debate ideas and to streamline the internal procedures in order to meet the customers’ expectations.


We believe a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore we help you Visualize your Business. Numbers give quantification to different measures related to information around us. However, it is important for one to observe the dynamics behind these numbers - the changes that occur, the evolution, the correlations, the dependencies, the oscillations of different factors in order to interpret them according to the business specifics.

It works for us!

Essentials UI Data Visualization activity

Issues per project distribution

Wish you could get a quick snapshot of how your company is doing?

The following data dashboards are designed to help you make sense of it all. We can do the work of crunching the numbers so that you can visualize what they mean for your business activity.

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Essential technologies are all engineered with the aim of creating a powerful yet dynamicly integrated intelligence management infrastructure. We are specialized in designing and building custom Early Warning Systems (EWS) with extensive experience in law enforcement and the financial industry.

  • Visual Analyst

    „Order through data” – risk analysis and fraud detection always require looking at the facts from different perspectives and this is where Visual Analyst comes to scene by offering to analysts an edge over the traditional reports.

  • X-Search

    „Next Level of Enterprise Search” - data and content within any organization grows exponentially, therefore you find yourself in the position of searching for solutions designed to increase productivity of your employees in managing data and finding the answers they need within reach.

  • Intema

    Intelligence Management – the effective creation of the institutional memory in an organization, both technically and economically, is a comprehensive process which can be implemented in order to support the institution and the people working within that organization.

  • Inovio

    „Empower activity management” – is the fastest registration system, offering comprehensive modules and advanced built-in functions.


Today, Essential is continuously investing in product development, adding new features to a mature and performing platform. Beyond partnership programs, Essential is having a constant focus in implementing by itself the same solutions and sharing its vision about intelligence management systems. By that, Intema together with its add-ons are been implemented by Essential implementation team for large organizations - public and private.

Also, we take very seriously the opportunity of offering our competencies and expertise
in custom projects when our partners or customers require us. Therefore, we were
significantly present on different large projects where our expertise was
crucial to achieving the success.



Regular day-to-day users of our solutions

  • Visual Analyst
  • X-Search
  • Intema
  • Inovio


Advanced IT Competences

  • C++, C#, Objective C
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP. Net
  • LINQ
  • WPF, WCF
  • SQL: SQL Server, ORACLE


Business processes implemented

  • Report templates for the insurance industry
  • Report templates according to Solvency II Directive
  • Immigration forms
  • Call-center ticket management
  • Product order
  • Reservation management
  • People registry
  • Cost optimization
  • Claim management


Industries with Extensive Expertise

  • Insurance
  • Online Solutions
  • Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospitality & Entertainment